After last week’s recap, several of you emailed, left comments, and asked in person – yes, I pinky promise to share my word for 2017 as soon as I can wrap words around it. It’s coming. For real. Today though, I want to quickly share this with you because, well, how could I not?


It feels like yesterday and also, sometimes, like another lifetime. Time is a tricky thing.

Did you know that I used to work for (in)courage? How that even happened is nothing short of a miracle and all God’s doing, really. (I suppose that’s kind of what “miracle” means, but I digress.)

In a strange turn of events, I became their first (in)tern as my second year of college began. A semester-long internship turned into a part-time job and official title with fancy words. I traveled to their headquarters, helped plan events that thousands virtually attended, and met the co-founders.

picture with Holley Gerth

Don’t worry, I was awkward. (Because, of course.)

But apparently a lovable kind of awkward, because in another strange turn of events, when I left (in)courage I became Holley’s assistant. (It’s really the best gig.)

And the rest is history, I suppose. Add on dozens of other clients and life was moving along until DaySpring called. For over a year now, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working for DaySpring again – although this time it looks a little different (still in the social media world, but more on the DaySpring side!).

Craving Connection: 30 Challenges for Real-Life Engagement

Illustrated Faith Craving Connection kit

Those two worlds overlapped last week and if you’re craving connection, looking for real-life friendships, and encouragement to dig a little bit deeper in your walk with the Lord – I hope this post and these online places will meet you where you are.

The tagline for (in)courage used to be “home for the hearts of women.” Now it’s “find yourself among friends.” Put those two together and basically, this book is the result: Craving Connection: 30 Challenges for Real-Life Engagement.

And then DaySpring went and made a beautiful kit to go along with the book! Technically, the Craving Connection kit is for Bible journaling but as I sat down to play around with the stamp set, this is what I felt led to create and write down:

Things to remember this year...

Last week I was asked how I landed where I am vocationally, basically “how did you end up doing what you do?” In so many ways, it all leads back to (in)courage. It was more than a job, it was a family of online friends that created a space for women to grow their faith and make new relationships.

(in)courage led to being a Virtual Assistant which circled back around to Holley which eventually came back around to DaySpring and, well, here we are. I’m so glad to be here.

In this crazy online world, moving at a pace we can hardly keep up with, it can be difficult to form lasting relationships. We all crave connection but we don’t always know where to begin. (Or, at least, I don’t.)

But there have been two good places and I’d love to point you their direction. (in)courage will bring you daily encouragement and DaySpring offers hundreds of products and dozens of articles that inspire and equip you to live and deepen your faith.

Like, you know, this kit. I mean, c’mon… the washi tape. The succulents. These colors. I just can’t.

Illustrated Faith Craving Connection kit

Illustrated Faith Craving Connection kit

Illustrated Faith Craving Connection kit

I’ve said it before – and I meant it – but now I need to say it again: this kit is my favorite of them all.

If you’re craving connection and just aren’t quite sure where to begin, I’d encourage you to learn more about the Craving Connection book and the beautiful Illustrated Faith kit from DaySpring. You can totally use the kit without the book, but they go very well together. In fact, the devotional for the kit features a few selections from the book!

And then? Spend time in the Word connecting with God or text a friend to schedule a coffee date. Don’t overcomplicate it… let’s just be the kind of friend we want to have.


Additional helpful links + info:

Make sure to use the code 25FORYOU at checkout to receive 25% off and free shipping at DaySpring!

Additional Illustrated Faith supplies and kits –> here.

Note: the Craving Connection book is currently out of stock at DaySpring but will be back soon!

Note #2: (in)courage is geared more towards mamas and wives, but as a single post-grad I’ve tucked away a lot of wisdom from their posts… so take a minute to poke around on their site!

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