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I am so thankful you’ve found your way over here. I hope that you’ll pull up a chair and stay for a while! I’ve written an About page that will tell you more embarrassing details about my life than you could ever want to know, but here’s the gist of it:

  • I worked for (in)courage for 2.5 years as the Social Media Assistant and Guest Post Coordinator
  • I am now a Virtual Assistant for DaySpring, Holley Gerth, Jennifer Dukes Lee + many more
  • Jesus has mended, restored, redeemed, and loved me to pieces
  • I am 100% convinced that every story matters


Below you will find a collection of posts that I have written, listed especially for you! Many of them have been featured on (in)courage or are my behind-the-scenes look at (in)courage, DaySpring headquarters, and (in)RL. Whether you’re popping over just to get a good look at the girl who talks about queso and coffee like they’re her best friends or you just need to be encouraged – welcome home. There’s a spot here just for you. This place is a conversation, not a stage, and you are welcome just as you are.

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God isn't done writing your story.

An (in)courage Post: There’s Power In Your Story

There’s nothing that binds friends so fast as the power of Story. It’s in the sharing of Story that we find community in one another. When I share a piece of myself, you can relate to the real me, raw and exposed. When you speak of your triumphs and struggles, I’m right there with you, celebrating as you cross the finish line and holding your hand when the tears fall.

I’m convinced that Story is one of the most powerful things out there.

The story behind “There’s Power In Your Story” can be found here: for when you realize you might actually be a writer

Building bridges instead of walls is risky, but it is worth it.

Your Story Is A Best-Seller

On a Monday night in Arkansas, just minutes after meeting me for the first time, Holley Gerth looked to her left and into my eyes and asked three simple words, “What’s your dream?”

And I told her. I said it out loud, all messy and confusing and ungraceful. I stumbled over the words, leaving my mouth for the first time, and I spoke of my love for story.

She so graciously told me that she believes story is important and I should chase my dream. I don’t know what she saw in me in that moment, but I believe it was a little bit of His words seeping out. And on Tuesday morning, that very next day? (in)RL 2014: Story was born.

building bridges

Building Bridges Instead of Walls {an (in)courage post}

This is the story of that one time I spoke for (in)RL 2014, inviting women around the world into my messy, ordinary story:

I’m asking you to open up the story of your life and invite others into the pages. It’s really not a matter of whether you have a story – you do. It’s a matter of what you’ll do with your story.

There will be underlined paragraphs and dog-warred pages you’ve loved well and read one thousand times. There will be entire chapters you’d prefer for us to gloss over, sentences scratched right out. It may feel like you haven’t turned the page in years or like your story is more of a handbook than a best seller.

But He is writing a best seller in you, right in the middle of all your ordinary. Let’s invite each other in. Let’s build bridges instead of walls. Let’s share our stories with each other.

Lisa Jo Baker

I Went To DaySpring!

The behind-the-scenes of DaySpring, (in)courage, and the beginning of (in)RL 2014! A weekend to remember, a team to call family. My love for these women is immense.

Women: we can not shrink back and we can not shrink down just to please someone.

Women: We Can’t Shrink Back

My brothers will not know me as the girl who shrinks back or shrinks down just to please another.

Oh, they aren’t disillusioned. If there are any three people who have seen the worst of me, it is these three. Fights and words that never should have been spoken, rude looks, hours of silence, I’ve done it all. They have seen me at my weakest and my worst but I am determined to show them the other side of the same girl.

They can blame me for the awkward moments of walking the row of feminine items at the grocery but they’re also gonna have to blame me for the knowledge that women come in all shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful. They get me, all of me. The one who makes weird faces and made-up words, the girl who sings off-key and changes into pajamas within five minutes of returning home from work.

To the girls whose thighs touch: you are beautiful.

For The Girls With Thighs That Touch

We have got beauty all wrong, all upside down and inside out. And that’s the problem. Beauty is inside out and we’re looking outside in.

You’re more than that. Every inch of skin is yours and it is lovely. Wear the bathing suit and choose to whisper three different words: This is beautiful.

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