A Moment to Breathe giveaway

I love keeping secrets… but even better than keeping them is finally spilling the beans, the moment when the secret gets to be shared.

Nearly a year ago, I received an invitation to partner together on a couple projects with LifeWay and (in)courage. (Writing that sentence is absolute craziness. And quite humbling. And also really exciting.)

You didn’t know it, but way back at the beginning of 2017 many of you prayed for words being written, words that would one day be printed and bound, shipped around the world.

A Moment to Breathe

A Moment to Breathe giveaway quote by Kaitlyn Bouchillon

In a little while, I’ll get to tell you about those words. (Secrets kept.) Today, I get to tell you about something else, words already printed and beginning to ship worldwide, words sitting on my nightstand right this very second. (Secrets spilled.)

This, friends, is a hardback devotional published by LifeWay and (in)courage. It is absolutely beautiful and filled with encouragement on every page.

It’s called A Moment to Breathe: 365 Devotions that Meet You in Your Everyday Mess. Here’s a sneak at one of my contributions to the devotional:

A Moment to Breathe giveaway devotion by Kaitlyn Bouchillon

A Moment to Breathe giveaway quote by Kaitlyn Bouchillon

80 women in all different seasons of life came together to offer their words of encouragement, based first and foremost on Scripture. This is a “me too” devotional, a place where your soul can exhale and your heart will be reminded that your right-now story matters.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, if you’re worn down or weary, desperate for a moment to breathe, this book is for you.

There are 365 stories of everyday faith and encouragement, five of them written by yours truly, and I’m confident they’ll meet you right where you are.

I’m honored to be published in this book with authors I’ve admired for years, writers whose words have impacted, challenged, inspired and encouraged me more than they’ll ever know. As of October 3rd, this beautiful book will be available worldwide… My hope is that the words inside will impact, challenge, inspire and encourage you.


After several months of keeping this secret safe and sound, I could hardly wait to share the fun news and, of course, give away a couple copies of the devotional!

A Moment to Breathe giveaway

Right now, I’m giving away two copies over on Instagram.

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