Well, by now, everyone knows about my brain tumor that’s going to know. Online, at least. Most people don’t know in real life. My family does (of course), as well as my extended family. I told my amazing small group leader, and my youth pastor knows. I told the girl late last night.

That may sound strange. But here’s the thing…I didn’t want her to find out in some “general announcement.” I wanted to tell her personally.

Tomorrow I’ll head to Miami, meet with the surgeon, take some tests (including 2 more MRI’s), and find out where we go from here. After that I’ll probably begin telling all my friends. That will be interesting.

Let me just say, all the love and support and kind words is just amazing. Everyone (on here and in real life) has been SO sweet and nice. I appreciate it more than I can explain.

A few quick things:

-I’m still not sure about the address thing. I should know tomorrow after meeting with the surgeon. If you’ve emailed me, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Courtney has been oober sweet and made this blog button for me. If you’d like, here’s the code that should let you add it to your blog. I have NO idea how all this works. So from me to you, good luck! :)

These are the directions Courtney sent:

Okay when you log in to blogger, find the button that says ‘design’. It’s three links to the right of the ‘new post’ button. When you click on that, it’ll open a new page. This should show the layout of your page. Since your sidebar is on the right side of your page, you’ll look on that side. It will say “add a gadget”. Click on that, and a window will pop up. There will be an option that says “HTML/Jave script. Click the little blue/white plus sign. That will open up another window. You’ll have to put a title, and you can put whatever you want. On mine I put “onegirl trying to save the world”. Then under content you paste the HTML I sent you earlier. Then click save. It’ll close that box. Then back on the design page, scroll up and click “view blog.” The button should be on your right side bar.

It Just Takes One

-Today I’m just going to try to enjoy a normal day. I didn’t get much sleep last night, and I’m still attempting to get over this horrible cold I’ve had since Monday. Hopefully I’ll get one or two Jamaica posts ready so that they can go up some time next week when I can’t blog. I’m also going to take my brothers shopping and go see Eclipse with my dad. I want to enjoy this “new normal.”