A little while back I said I would participate in a Swap. I bunch of people from SIF’s Community, thanks to a great girl there, signed up to swap a package with another community member. The whole idea was to base your package on things around or about your state. The person I got a package from lives in Cape Cod, so I got a bunch of cool stuff. The best part is that everything you get, where it’s from, and who it’s from is a surprise until you open the package. I took some pictures, so welcome to my little piece of Cape Cod! :)

I think this is adorable. So beach-y.

I won’t tell you how much is left now. :)
My favorite part of the package!!! This is so me…except that it doesn’t fit. It’s the right size, except that it’s 100% cotton and I forgot to say to go one size up on those. Oh well. In time it shall fit. :)
Another shirt, just happens to be the same size and it fits just fine.
The back of the shirt.
And the jam to go with the shirt. :)
She sent this, knowing what had happened. So nice.
Stay tuned, because in a few days I’ll put pictures up of what I sent Ash. :)