So I have some news. Nothing big, but still news. AKA something new to share. I’m just gonna get to the point because my mind is coming up with all different ways to say “something new to share” and then I’ll just be rambling….which I’m clearly already doing. So. Shutting up and moving on now. :)

I got a Twitter for my blog. I was talking to a few girls over in SIF’s Community and they each said they had one. They seemed to enjoy it. So I got one for my blog and if you want, you can check it out under My Blog List. It’s over to the right –>

And it’s currently not working. Maybe I set it up wrong. But you can search for me on twitter. Just search for: iamjustonegirl

If you also tweet, send me a tweet or leave me a comment. I’d love to know. :) You can follow the tweets if you want, or ignore them altogether. Either works with me, I’ll still have fun with it either way. And either way I’ll feel like a bird.

Chirp Chirp.