I was thinking recently about how there are so many blogs I read, yet they each have their own certain style of telling stories and talking about their life. Which led me to thinking about how many of the writers seem to have their own clothing style as well. Some are a little dressier, some like more funky and original pieces, and some seem to wear a mix of everything. I decided I would try to match certain styles with certain bloggers (that seem to have distinct styles…so it wouldn’t be too hard of a challenge. :]). Here we go:

Kelly Stamps: If this sweater dress came in purple I would say it would be PERFECT for Kelly. She wears a lot of cute dresses like these (and looks great) with tights/leggings and some cute jewelry. And with another baby bump on the way, this sort of outfit would be great. This little cardigan also seems perfect for layering.

Big Mama: THIS tunic dress? With jeans, boots, and some aqua jewelry? I think so, yes I do. And this kaftan/tunic/dress would be adorable on her.

BooMama: Anyone that is a fan of BooMama knows that, sometimes? Boot issues abound. But I have some boots that I really like (that don’t hurt my ankles, and probably wouldn’t bother BooMama’s ankle issues either) and I found out today that they are called Shortie Boots. Or something like that. Here are some that I thought were really cute: Hive and Honey Boots. And then I just like these because of the name. Rampage. “I’m wearing rampage today, how are you?” And because everyone needs simple lounge wear that screams “I’ve been watching TV all day, but don’t I look nice?” I offer you these. They’re so simple, but with a cute top it will look like you’ve at least looked decent while watching a plethora of reality shows….Which means I need to buy them.

SIF: There are barely any pictures of SIF to be found, but the SIF I imagine would wear something like this shrug during fall. Or maybe this wool jersey dress. The wool? Okay maybe not so much. But something that would show off a (hopefully) soon to be there baby bump…umm, yes.

Kelle Hampton: I don’t think I’ve ever “met” (online) anyone with such a distinct style. Kelle can wear anything and still look great, it seems. And I mean anything. There are times that she posts pictures of her in outfits I would never even try on, yet she rocks them. SO. How to find something for someone that can wear anything, yet still has her own style? Well, I found this outfit at Francesca’s. The shrug, the dress, the boots, the earrings…it all seems very Kelle (as does this pirouette dress).

Angie Smith: Angie always seems so put together and, to me, it always seems like it takes her barely any effort at all. Something like this jewel embellished cardigan seems like an Angie thing to me. I can totally see her wearing it to church or a party – over a cute top and with some jeans. This beautiful single pearl necklace reminded me of Audrey…so of course it made me think of Angie. :)

Lianna Knight: I think Lianna would wear something like this little ruffle dress or giraffe print dress to work. And this one-shouldered dress would look great on her for a party or something…and I vote for the black/teal combination.

Sarah Markley: Although Sarah rarely posts pictures of herself, I feel like her style is simple yet easy and beautiful. Almost quietly elegant, if that makes sense. Here is something she (might?) wear: tulip sleeve top and pailette tank. Or even this bow cadet hat.

Pete WilsonHere is what Pete Wilson would wear. Here is another shirt that he would wear. Look familar? :D