18 is old. Let’s be real. It’s ancient.

To you, probably not so much. In fact, I would bet 18 sounds a world away. To be 18 would be fabulous for you, I’m guessing.

But to me it sounds so old. So in the middle.

28 sounds married.

35 sounds like a stay-at-home mommy.

49 sounds like getting your kids ready for college.

18 just sounds like an adult. Not some dream way far off. Not some hope to look forward to.

It sounds like your life of being a kid is over. Like you’re passing through some huge moment in time and, suddenly, life will become so much more serious.

No longer a kid, but a kid at heart.

Most of all? 18 doesn’t sound fun. Sure, it means you’re legal and all. But it comes with so many more negatives than positives. Where’s the fun in it all?

Ancient. That’s what 18 is to me.