Every time I come to a certain part in the road, my foot hits the brakes.

Not because that part of the road is bumpy or because lanes merge.

No. It’s because of them. They’re often there.


Last semester I took this road to school and/or church 6 out of 7 days a week. I can be a slow learner at times, I admit.  But when I’m driving? No.

I’m the girl that will pull up next to you and give you a look that says what were you thinking? after being stuck behind you in a 50mph zone….as you went 30mph and everyone zoomed past us.

I’m the one who has to refrain from honking at you when you cut me off. What were you thinking?

I’m a good driver. Maybe that’s why I’ve picked up on where the police hide on this particular road.

Everyone speeds there. The line “well everybody’s doing it!!!” comes perfectly into play here.

Because you will get run over if you don’t speed on this road.

But nonetheless, my foot automatically finds the brake every single time I pass this mile or two stretch of road.

It took me a while to notice it. And after I had thought about it for a while, I realized that we do the same thing in life.

We open the mailbox to find another stack of bills.

Hit the brake.

Another night at home alone.

Hit the brake.

Your kids are fighting.

Hit the brake.

Someone betrays you.

Hit the brake.

We do it all the time don’t we? We try to slow life down, even stop it, when possible. But it never stops. Even when we know danger is coming and we try to prepare, does it really work? What makes you want things to slow down until the hard time has passed? What pushes you to hit the brake?