So this is me. With my fab new glasses that I picked up today.

I know it isn’t that great a picture, but it was the best option considering that almost every other picture turned out like this:
…with really pretty square reflections of the screen in the frames…

And okay, so maybe the glasses aren’t so fab, but they’re certainly much better than my previous ones. The ones I kind of sorta maybe just a tad bit despised and hated wearing.

The exact same ones that I really loved when I picked them out two years ago.

But seeing as I’ve changed a lot in two years, I would suspect that many old loves would no longer hold any sort of power over me. They no longer draw me in, because I don’t even like them now.

My glasses, I mean.

Not my new ‘fab’ ones, but my old ones.

I figured I would need a new look for college, but didn’t want to change me. Take me or leave me is how it goes with me.

And we all know how that has turned out. I digress.

The new glasses, though…they’re something fresh and new for the new year. Something that makes me feel fresh and new.