God is bigger and I don't want to live in a passive state of waiting. I want to live in a chronic state of 'this is the good life.'

How do you craft a life that brings God glory and brings you joy – even if He never answers your deepest prayers? // Annie Downs

A few days ago I watched a video of Annie Down’s talk about her comforter. Yeah, like the one you put on your bed. And then I watched the video again because sometimes you know things need to sink in just a little bit more.

I was in the process of drafting Permission To Grieve and as I listened to Annie share about holding onto a comforter, partly out of fear, a little bit because of doubts, and even because of hope in the midst of grief, I got it.

I don’t want to ruin the video for you, but Annie explains the comforter as the thing that was only supposed to hold her over until she got the thing she really wanted. And then when she got married, because certainly that was coming soon, she would finally get the comforter that would be a forever thing. But ten years have gone by, and I don’t know what your dream is or what you’re waiting for, but I couldn’t help but think to myself, “In what areas am I holding onto a comforter that will only tide me over? Am I waiting for a dream that may never happen, putting my life on pause until ____ {fill in the blank}?”

God is bigger and I don’t want to live in a passive state of waiting. I want to live in a chronic state of ‘this is the good life.’ // Annie Downs

She talks about being brave enough to move across the world but too scared to buy a new comforter and yeah, I get that. Because a new comforter is just one way of saying that this season, it may be for more than a season. God could bring someone tomorrow but He may not, and so we buy a new comforter and make plans while trusting His plan.

Even if God never does what I hope He does, I’m going to be okay. Even if He never answers your deepest heart’s dreams, you’ll be fine. It doesn’t always seem like it, but it’s the truth.

Even if not, Lord, You are still good…

I’m trying to do the things that bring God glory and bring me joy without ever letting go of the hope that some day He’ll answer my heart’s deepest prayers. // Annie Downs

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