a prayer for the every day

May you walk confidently into each day, certain that you are never alone and trusting that there is One who walks beside you. As you look at what’s to come and imagine twenty scenarios, don’t be afraid to doubt your doubts, sort through what you believe to be true, and ultimately find rest in knowing that the future may be uncertain but He is sure.

Remember to buy fresh flowers and light the candles. Take out the trash and wash the dishes and pay the bills but don’t lose sight of the beauty in the ordinary and the joy in the regular. It’s all a gift, all around you, every bit of it.

This season won’t come back around again. It may show up tomorrow and maybe even the next, but where you’re walking will twist and turn and fade into something new — something good but something different. May you remember to live fully where you are today and trust that different doesn’t mean bad, it just means different.

When the days feel too short, may you seek comfort in the One who created time and is unlimited in goodness. Trust that He is your provision and your guide, your blanket and your light. When the days are long, seemingly stretching out forever, may you be quick to remember that there is purpose even here. Life is a gift – don’t forget to unwrap it.

Life is a gift - don't forget to unwrap it.

Choose to raise your hands before raising your voice. Let worship and praise be your very first reaction to new days and tough moments. And then lift your voice, courageously sharing and speaking what He has given you to say instead of hiding behind the pages. Speak gently but boldly, standing firm on the truth no matter what arrows come. Know that He is writing your story but you are living the pages and so purpose every day to walk well.

Love like tomorrow isn’t a guarantee and live like today could be your last. May you make it your mantra to choose relationships over results and people over projects. Take every thought captive and turn it over to Christ. Lay your burdens in His hands and kneel low, walking away from the worries and trusting Him to carry. Don’t be afraid to break; let Him unmake and rebuild.

Hold hands when you say grace, write handwritten letters, call your grandparents, and always hug people hello and goodbye. Try new things. Dare to go and then be brave enough to stay. Sit outside and stare at the sky just because. Clap your hands at the full moon, write hard words, and continue to show up.

May you walk the road of the in between with grace, humility, and true joy, trusting that what you deem an in between is simply part of the story He is writing with your days. When night falls, take up your song and sing into the dark. As you wake and walk into each new day, may you look for Him always, fixing your eyes on Him only. He will be faithful and He will be enough. It is what He does; it is who He is.

Today is my birthday and though it may be a bit strange to write out a prayer for my next year, this is it. I know that I’ll return to it often over the next set of 365, but I pray it will be a blessing to you as well.

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