It would be unsafe to drive forward while staring at the rearview, but a quick glance back every now and then is both necessary and helpful. Although I’m not a big fan of “look what I did this year” posts, and although I can count on one hand how many times I look at the stats and numbers each year, I truly love seeing what matters to you.

These are the words that you connected with, the posts that resonated and the things you shared most frequently. According to page visits, these are the seven posts you cared about the most in 2015. (Why seven? Because why not.)

As luck would have it, many of my favorite posts from 2015 found their way onto this list. Thank you for visiting here this year, friends. 2015 has been a hard one but a good one and it would not have been the same without you.

seven things you cared about in 2015

The One Trick That Helps Me Read the Bible Every Day

Your quiet time doesn’t have to be fancy or Instagrammable. But we need to make sure that it happens. Maybe for you it looks like memorizing Bible verses taped to your mirror as you get ready in the morning. Maybe it means listening to the Bible on audio as you drive to work or placing the Bible in front of your bedroom door so you can’t leave without picking it up. I don’t know. All I can tell you is that this – it works for me.

So, I wrote a book. (#what)

It is my prayer that this book will be a kind companion to the one walking through the in between. We’re all living in the ampersand, smack in the middle of the story He’s writing with our days. Our lives are the stories and although we are part of the Kingdom, today we find our feet planted on earth, and so when life isn’t sunshine and roses, what will we say of the God who holds the pen?

5 Ways to Choose Sabbath

My favorite day of the week takes more work than you’d likely expect. I have to work hard at resting. But choosing Sabbath has changed everything. And yeah, I’ve really thought about that sentence and if it’s true. It is. Choosing Sabbath has changed everything.

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

When Life Doesn’t Look Like What You Imagined

I believe that too often we go straight from talking about “God will make a way” to “Look how this turned out! Yay! Life is grand!” and we give no attention to the in between, the unknown, the pages turned that weren’t what we imagined.

It’s like reading a book, turning the page, and being smacked right in the face with something you never saw coming. It’s like watching every episode of Grey’s Anatomy and then suddenly Derek dies. (I’m not bitter or anything.)

When Your Story Holds a Hard Chapter

Five years ago I was being prepped and then put under as human hands worked to assist in a miracle that was all God’s doing. As you read these words, I am once again laying on a cold table but this time it’s to check once again that all is well.

But here’s the secret I already know: All will be well no matter what the test results show because it is already well. He has already won, the story is already written, and I trust the One holding the pen.

12 can't-miss books coming in 2016

12 Can’t-Miss Books Coming in 2016

Okay so this post went up just last week and apparently I’m not the only one making a list of can’t-miss books to read in 2016!

Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here

I don’t even know what came over me because I am not, mind you, the type of person to “start something” in class or to get into a heated debate. Especially with people I barely know on a topic (a Person) I’ll never begin to even grasp a small percentage of. But then words were coming out of my mouth and I couldn’t stop them, one after one tumbling out.

The room was quiet and not because of eloquence, but likely because I am not one to burst out and passionately defend a string of song lyrics in a classroom discussion. By that point in the semester it’s obvious that I’m a thinker, a processor, and would rather ask questions than make statements. But there we were. Well, there they were. I, however, was right back in Haiti with dirt between my toes. And that – that – is why I could not stop the words.

And honorable mention goes to… 25 College Dorm Room Must-Haves (A Gift-Giving Guide for College and High School)

Technically, this was posted in 2014. But with over 137,000 people visiting it this year, perhaps it deserves another mention? (137,00?!? What. I just…. words. I have no words.)

Have a wonderful final evening of 2015, friends!

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