This is written in light of the horrific shooting in Orlando, but is for every day of the year.


Dear Church,

Let’s be known by what we’re for, not what we’re against. And then let’s be for love, for grace, for the hard work of hard conversations that bring about restoration and healing.

Let’s be known for reaching across lines instead of drawing them.

Let's be known by what we're for, not what we're against. And then let's be for love.

Let’s be for one another instead of against racial differences or party lines or he-said-she-saids. Let’s be for leaning in when we’re tempted to take the easy “out” of walking away. Let’s choose to be for doubting our doubts, asking hard questions, and stopping to really listen.

Let’s be for showing up even when we don’t have the answers.

Let’s be for the single mom, the homeless man on the street corner, the college student far from home, and the family that appears to have it all together. Let’s be for the cashier and the barista and our neighbor next door. Let’s be for redemption. Let’s be for holding hands and speaking up, standing with our broken and hurting brothers and sisters. Let’s be known for our love and not our hate.

Let’s be for the lonely, the lost, the marginalized and hurting and oppressed, the ones in the corner and the ones who won’t enter the building.

Yes, let’s be for the outsiders, the poor, the weak, the ones born into suffering, the ones who have known suffering, the confused and shattered, the broken and bruised, the beaten and abused, and the ones who will never step foot in a church building.

Let’s be known for love and grace, mercy and a hand reaching out with compassion to pull up and never to push down.

Let’s be the Church.

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