Even If Not book

You saw the exciting news, right?

For the record, I did not pee my pants. I did, however, smile like a goof all day as your kind words rolled in.

I. Am. Going. To. Be. An. Author.


– coming to you in February of 2016!

I’m over the moon and over my head and a bit scared out of my mind. I need you to be my people, to be “in my corner.” Judging from the emails and Facebook likes and tweets and kind words, you’re up for that. (Thank you times one million.)

Add Even If Not to your GoodReads list!

I will be straight up honest with you: publishing a book is hard work no matter what. Self-publishing a book is flat-out hard stuff. I am the author, the design team, the marketing team, the PR team, and on and on. And also my budget is approximately $0.67.

But God was clear – write these words, write them now, and then walk. He will guide, open doors, or simply prepare the way.

Even If Not book

A friend of mine prayed such kind words about both me and the book Monday night and I teared up as she prayed something to the effect of, “God, we celebrate Kaitlyn’s choice to obey in faithfulness tonight. You told her what to do and she has done it. Her job is done. Please show her what the next step is and surround her with people who will carry this with her.”

Guys. I just can’t. Gah. The nicest.

Truthfully, it all feels so far from done and although I’ve certainly never given birth, I’m beginning to understand just a hint of why people describe launching a book into the world as birthing a baby.

The manuscript is done and in a few months the words He gave me will be read by many. Or maybe just 5, and that would be cool too. But there is so much to do in the mean time – in the in between (heh, I had to). Would you consider joining the launch team for this little book?

Even If Not launch team application

Just click HERE or on the above image to sign up. It’s easy-peasy, I promise.

You do NOT need to have a blog to be on the team. The message of this book, the words about how God can be found on every page of our stories – in the good, the messy, and the in between – is for you and your neighbor and your best friend who doesn’t blog. It’s for all of us.

Here is what will be asked of launch team members:

-> You agree to read the book ASAP
-> You agree to be active within the Facebook group
-> You agree to leave a review on Amazon on launch date
-> You agree to help spread the word about the book (you will be equipped with tools to share)

Are you in? Will you be my people and help me carry this message into the world? You have no idea what it would mean to me.

You can CLICK HERE BECAUSE LOOK, ALL CAPS! SOMETHING IMPORTANT! to sign up or you can also click the image above that has the book title and oh, you know, some hints about the book cover.

xoxo and all the heart emojis. Thanks y’all. Really.

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